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Sensei John Martin
John holds the rank of Menkyo in Miyama Ryu Ju-jutsu, and has been teaching Ju-jutsu for around 30 years. During that time he has led many different types of classes, ranging from women’s self defense to law enforcement training. John initially began his Ju-jutsu training in 1978 under Dr. John Lewis while attending Northwestern University. He later co-founded a dojo in Palatine in 1987, so he could continue his training. The dojo was later re-named The Combat Arts Institute, and serves as a parent dojo to UIC. Currently he instructs classes at UIC, William Rainey Harper College, CAI, and various other locations for seminars. Outside of Ju-jutsu John is also a sea kayaking instructor.
Sensei John Martin

Esteban D. Perez
Esteban is the advisor of the UIC Ju-jutsu club, and helped found the club in 2007. As the advisor to the club Esteban has been an ambasador of campus safety. He has faciliated many campus safety and self -defense workshops on and off campus, and is truely dedicated to empowering others to protect themself dedicating countless hours to the club. Esteban is a Security Officer with the UIC Computer Center keeping our network safe. Outside of club Esteban is volunteers time with the Community Emergency Response Team. In his free time he enjoys outdoors activites such as geocaching, orienteering, hiking, cycling and sailing.